Hi & Welcome!

My name is Debbie Yount Barker

My mission is to influence 100,000 people, in the next 2 years, with Natural-Practical-Effective solutions for Hope and Health.

My story

 My dad and sister died unnecessary and early deaths due to a toxic world and a medical system gone wrong.

My children suffered huge, early-life trauma that has affected them--mind, body, and spirit--from infancy into adulthood. They, and so many more in today's world, need hope and healing so they can thrive in life and not end up like my dad and sister ... or taking their own lives out of desperation.

We all live in a broken and fallen world. We all get to choose to view our life, health, financial, relational, and spiritual challenges as opportunities to grow and thrive…or as excuses to shrink and self-destruct. 

I am no different. Having had many of my own broken, ill, despondent, grief-stricken experiences—effecting every area of life. I have not, consistently, chosen to immediately  grow and thrive—to reach for God and hope and healing. But, when I was ready, I did what I was given to do.

I stood up

I accepted the freedom He has given me; I embraced hope and healing. I learned to accept comfort and to be guided with strength and with truth in order that I might, too, comfort and guide others.

And so back to my mission

My heart. To share what I have learned of overall wellness, of healing, and of hope with as many people as possible so everyone can find the hope and healing available to them when they are ready to receive it.

A little more about Me


Involved in overall Health and Wellness for 20+ years. Certified  as:

  •  Transformational Nutritionist  
  • Transformational Life Coach 
  •  Grief Recovery Specialist  
  • Thyroid Specialist
  • AromaTouch Technique Practitioner
  • Cognitive Training Specialist

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