What people are saying

"Amazing results!"

"I made more progress working with Debbie Barker as my Life and Health Coach for just a few months than in all the years prior." 

- William R., California

"Profound shift "

" WOW! One week into Debbie’s Grief workshop and I already experienced a profound shift. This is fantastic material that has changed my life. I can’t thank you enough, Debbie. Your work has helped me to heal and to be able to help my students with their grief. Thank You!"

- Marci G, California

"Compassionate facilitator"

"I love the Grief Recovery work Debbie provides. She is an excellent and compassionate facilitator. I came expecting to support a friend, and soon discovered the class and work was for me. "

- Loreen W., California 

"Very knowledgeable"

"Debbie Barker is a very knowledgable health and wellness coach. She helped me understand my condition better and offered excellent and valuable suggestions."

- Patricia M., MO

"Grief program is amazing"

"Thank you, Debbie Barker! My life is different because of you. Your grief program is amazing. I love how you brought the oils and overall wellness into it."

- Mandy P., Canada

"Helped me get my life back"

"Thank you so so much, Mrs. Barker. You have helped me get my life back with all your help. I love the oils and all your nutritional help. You’ve changed my life."

- Eli M, VA